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    Freestyle session


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    Freestyle session

    Post  Jnistar on Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:16 am


    The say life Is a Bitch..buh it Depends on hw u Treat Her/
    ..Up in the Sky..shes Beautiful buh on The Ground she is a Cheater/ Has so many choices On Display Like 'nike snikers'.and if it Dosn't Fit..i'll make ya'll Firm Believers/
    sum Dope Heads Try their best to Keep Her/
    while Others Lose it To the Grim Reaper/
    Buh when i bust the Mic..i spit out Fire/
    render Other Rappers Hopeless..uLtimate Desire/
    so dem go Lay 'Flat'..lyk my Grandma Slippers./
    anada khat(cat)as i leave on their Faces yoruba tribal marks..sumtin lyk whiskers/
    no bribing with i fuck and kill Their Mum and Sisters/

    cos Blood is for me..take those stolen coins to Ceazar........


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